Hat shop in Venice - exterior Hat shop Venice Giuliana Longo - Milliner Shop window Giuliana Longo - Hats in Venice, Italy

The Historic Shop

Giuliana's tiny shop is brimming (!) with hats: Panama hats, gondolier's hats, hats for the carnevale, waterproof hats, woolly hats, wedding hats..

Since 1980 Giuliana has imported her Panama hats directly from Ecuador.

The shop is officially recognized as a historic place of the Veneto Region.

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“I was in Venice for work recently, and I desperately wanted a gondolier hat — a real one, not one of those souvenirs they sell on the street corners. I went to Giuliana Longo, a store that makes them, and bought four...”
Giovanna Battaglia - W Magazine

“Hats off to Venetian milliner Giuliana Longo!”
The Venice Times

A Panama Hatkeeps the sun off your head...

Panama Hat - Cuenca Quality

and the dust off your brain.

The authentic

Genuine gondolier's hat

...gondolier's hat.

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